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Surgical Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the surgeries associated with treating Cancer. It aims to find the body’s hazardous tumors and then remove them through surgical processes. Surgical oncologists also specialize in diagnosing cancer and its spread to other parts of your body.

Surgical Oncologist:

Surgical Oncologists are the doctors who perform surgeries and remove tumors that are formed in various parts of your body due to Cancer. They help you treat and prevent the further growth of cancer in your body.

Responsibilities of a Surgical Oncologist:

A surgical Oncologist is obliged to improve the condition of a patient with cancer by performing surgery and thus improve the patient's condition!

Being Surgical Oncologists, the common procedures they use are biopsies and surgeries to remove cancerous growth of tumors. They also prevent cancer by performing preventive surgeries. They not only perform surgeries but also determine the spread of cancer and take action accordingly. Though Cancer is treated with the intake of medicines, it also requires surgeries to remove the cancerous growth of tumors. Surgery performed to remove tumors is followed by additional treatments, which may include chemotherapy or radiation.
When an Oncology surgeon performs surgery to remove the tumor, they also remove some parts of healthy tissues around the tumor to prevent the further growth of tumors. These surgeries are performed wherever the tumors are formed. However, the surgeries vary based on the portions of the body and also the size of the tissue affected. The various surgeries included in these treatments include:

It is time to consult a Surgical Oncologist:

There are a few reasons that drive you to consult a surgical oncologist to take action at the right time to prevent and treat Cancer:


Certain symptoms trigger you to have surgery and prevent cancer before it affects you.

To check the presence of Cancer in your body:

A surgical oncologist performs a few tests and checks the cancer cells’ growth in your body to perform surgery if necessary.

To check the severity of existing Cancer:

Oncologists have a look at the size of the tumor and its spread to the rest of the tissue to perform surgery and remove it.

To get your cancer treated:

Surgical oncologists perform surgery to remove cancer cells that form tumors in your body.

To get relieved from symptoms:

In a few cases, surgery is just not sufficient to get rid of cancer, and still, a few symptoms are left behind. Then, an oncologist helps your get relief from these symptoms.

To reconstruct the look of your body:

Surgical removal of tumors may affect the overall look of your body. A surgical oncologist helps restore the lost charm to your body through reconstructive surgeries.

Types of Cancers that require surgery:

Not every cancer requires surgical treatment. Only a few of them require surgeries to cure your cancer completely. They are:

Experienced Surgical Oncologists at Russh Super specialty Hospitals:

Russh Super Speciality Hospitals are the right place where you can find experienced Surgical Oncology. We have the most experienced doctors who can treat and cure your condition and related health issues with care. Our hospitals, with our expertise and experience, have become the trusted hospital for our existing patients as we treat them with care. All kinds of equipment to treat significant health issues are available at our hospitals. Our primary Surgical Oncology services may includeHead and Neck Oncology, Thyroid Surgery Open/Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy, VATS (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery), Gastrointestinal Oncology, Uro Oncology, Breast Surgeries & Gynaecological Oncology,etc. Our Expertise coversGynaecological Oncology and Breast Surgery.

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    Dr. K. Purushotham Reddy

    MBBS, MS. MCh (Surgical Oncology)
    Consultant Surgical Oncologist

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