Does Sleep affect your Brain health?

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Does Sleep affect your Brain health?

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Does Sleep affect your Brain health?

Staying late nights and binge-watching movies, working night shifts have become a new normal in the past few years. But this lifestyle routine has adverse effects on one’s brain health, which paves way for the illness of whole-body functioning. But, have you ever wondered how sleep deprivation affects our brain health? Well, you will get your answer today.

There is a misconception that even our brain is taking rest when we sleep. If you are thinking the same, then you are on the wrong floor. Yes, that’s right. Our brain actually resets just like our mobile phone does, when we are sleeping. When our sleep duration is not sufficient for this reset process, our brain health deprives. This deprivation may affect us in the following ways:
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1. Memory loss to Alzheimer’s:

In the process of regaining its energy, our brain has the capacity to consolidate our memory and prune unwanted details. A certain study has proven that those who sleep for enough time have great memory power which is actually a useful one rather than those who are sleep deprived. If this continues for a longer period, there are high chances that our memory loss may even lead to Alzheimer’s which is more dangerous than expected.

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2. Decision-making gets harder:

Usually, creativity comes out of the comfort of tight sleep. But sleep deprivation can make your decision-making a hard task. A study has been conducted to prove this where, a few participants with 32 hours of sleep-deprived have performed worse in creative and decision-making tests, while participants with enough sleep have come out with amazing results. Here sleeping patterns differ as a complete night’s sleep plays a crucial role rather than changing the complete sleep cycle.

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3. Alert: Depression is on your way:

Sleep deprivation and depression are related to each other. If you lack sleep, depression is already on your way. However, in the case of depression, sleep acts as a knife with double-edge sharpness. In such cases, either sleeping for too long hours or sleeping just for a few hours, both have the same effect on your brain health. So, it is suggested to sleep enough rather than making it worse by acting on the flip side.

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4. Headaches:

Sleep deprivation is the major cause of persistent chronic headache issues such as Migraine. These chronic issues are difficult to treat whereas, their ultimate solution is getting enough amount of sleep.

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5. Fits:

Usually, one can suffer from Fits, when they are sleeping. There may be many reasons for Fits, but sleep deprivation is on the front line. This can be solved, only when they are sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours a day, that too at night time.

Like a coin has two sides, Sleep acts the same way. If sleep deprivation causes damage to brain health, then excess sleep also works the same.
In a recent study, it has been shown that around 70% of teenagers are sleep deprived while 19% of adults are not getting enough sleep in their regular sleep routine. Sleep does affect your brain in numerous ways, and if not taken action on time, it may even cause damage to your neural health. In that case, only the right neurologist can help you out with the right medication. However, enough sleep is always crucial for a healthy brain.

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