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Monsoon season, children, rains, infections

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Keep your Children “Monsoon” Ready

Monsoons are the best playtime of the year for children,until and unless they fall sick. Kids are prone to several types of illnesses that come along with the enjoyment of monsoon season. Their enjoyment is limited and sometimes snatched away by viral fevers and other health disturbances caused especially during these seasons. However, some precautions can help them stay healthy even during these deadly yet beautiful monsoons.
Some Dos and Don’ts can keep you a step ahead in this monsoon to keep your kids active and healthy.

By peeping into Dos:

Monsoon season tips for children

1. Balanced and healthy diet:

Food is the first medicine to prevent many health issues. A balanced diet filled with nutrition and packed with vitamins increases immunity and is resistant to illness.

Monsoon season, children, rains, infections

2. Keep them armed with raincoats:

Physical protection from rains using raincoats, umbrellas, and waterproof boots will keep them dry and avoid flu.

Monsoon season, children, rains, infections

3. Safeguard from mosquito bites:

Monsoons are the mosquito breeding season. Many diseases carried by these mosquitoes like dengue and malaria are deadly. Cover your kids with full-sleeve clothing and use mosquito repellent creams to safeguard them from these deadly bites.

Monsoon season, children, rains, infections

4. Personal Hygiene and clean surroundings:

Healthy personal hygiene and safe surroundings are preventive measures for all kinds of diseases. Washing hands regularly and also make sure that there is no stagnant water left around.

A look at Don’ts:

1. A big NO to street food:

Monsoon season is a shelter for many water-borne diseases. Avoiding street food, cold and uncooked food could help your kids to take a step back from these illnesses.

2. Stay away from water puddles:

Children tend to jump into water puddles in monsoons. However, that is not a great way to enjoy the rain as these waterlogged areas carry many disease-causing bacteria as they are a mixture of different animal urines and even sewage water.

3. Don’t prefer Green leafy vegetables:

This monsoon consumption of green leafy vegetables is not preferred as there are high chances of disease-causing germs laid over them. Since it is difficult to wash off these germs from them, it is better to avoid consuming green leafy vegetables to stay safe.

4. Do not purchase cut and exposed fruits and vegetables:

Monsoon attracts the growth of fruit flies that carry micro germs. Cut and exposed fruits are surrounded by these flies. So, it is best to avoid buying these cut fruits and vegetables.

Though you are aware of your children’s health conditions during this season, some seasonal diseases such as dengue, malaria, and swine flu may attack your children which actually starts with simple flu. So, it is important to have the right advice from pediatricians in the initial stage itself.

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